DVD-rw just installed, DVD-rom drive missing!

I have a DVD-ROM (D:) drive and a CD-RW (E:) drive.

I have just upgraded my CD-RW (E:) drive to a new DVD-RW drive.

I followed the instructions (removed the old CD-RW, and attached the new drive - put the cables in the same place) - the DVD-ROM (D:/)was at no point disconnected!

When I rebooted, there is only one drive listed (beside the floppy and Local drive), the New DVD-RW, which has taken the drive letter D:.

The E: drive is gone. and the DVD-ROM is no longer to be found.

There is power going to the DVD-ROM (the drawer opens etc) and I have checked that the cable is connected.

I shut down and removed the cable to the DVD-RW drive and rebooted and the DVD-ROM drive is back - as the D: drive.

How can I have the DVD-Rom drive and DVD-RW drive both working like I had the DVD-Rom & the CD-RW?

Any Ideas, Please? Thanks!

There’s something called a jumper on the back of all ATA/IDE drives, HD or Optical. Take both optical drives out, change the jumpers to CS (cable select), connect the drives again.