DVD+RW issue: Computer drive won't read discs burned in the same drive



Hey, guys.

I’m a newbie here, so please bear with me if this topic has come up before. I was referred here by someone at the Steve Hoffman music forum.

I’ve been having an issue with rewritable DVD’s ever since I bought my computer with a DVD burner drive two years ago. I started using DVD+RW discs to back up important files on my hard drive. Previously I used CD-RW discs, but since DVD’s hold so much more info, I felt they were ideal.

So here’s the problem: More often than not I’ll take a DVD+RW (usually Memorex, but the brand doesn’t seem to make a difference because I’ve used different ones) that I have burned with some important files on it and stick it into my burner drive, and it will simply sit in the drive, and the drive will act like it’s trying to load it, but then it will simply act as if nothing is in the drive. I’ve ejected and reinserted over and over, and sometimes it will then read the disc, but I’ve had several where the drive NEVER reads it. And this isn’t just with one disc; this happens with almost every DVD+RW disc I’ve ever burned.

But here’s what’s even stranger: I also have a CD/DVD drive (not a burner) on my computer, and sometimes it will actually read the disc when the other drive will not. The problem is that I want to erase the disc (since it’s RW, after all) and put more info on it, but the burner drive won’t read it in order for me to be able to do that.

I’m seriously baffled as to why this is happening, and it’s proving to be very frustrating. And I don’t just have this problem with this particular burner drive. I’ve also had issues where burned DVD+RW’s on my computer won’t load on my partner’s computer, and I even had the same issue on my Mac at work: I burned a DVD+RW, and then when I reinserted it into the same drive, it said there was nothing there.

Has anyone had a problem like this? And more importantly, what in the world can I do to fix it? Am I doing something wrong in the initial burning process? I have numerous burned DVD+R’s and DVD+RW’s with important files on them. Will I never be able to retrieve those files again?

Here’s more info about my drive:


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I am having a similar issue. However do not know a solution either.

My CD/DVD burner all of a sudden one day stopped reading CD/DVDs. All other discs work just fine. Some of the discs that no longer work I had previously used frequently, which just adds to my puzzlement. I never had any issues burning them either and now often times get error messages towards the end of the process.

This is becoming rather frustrating and if anyone is able to help it would be most appreciated.

                                                    THANKS ALL


At what speed did you 2 burn your back-ups ?

The burn speed seems to make a big difference as to how long they last.

For a serious back-up of important data I would only use a Verbatim disc and burn it at half the speed it is rated at.

Hope this helps.