DVD-RW is 25% slower...?

Hi All,
My name is Paul and this is my 1st thread…

I have a Packard Bell E6310 with a NEC ND6500 A DVD-RW and it has just recently stopped working at max speed (8x) dvd (24x) cd it now records DVDs at 6x when set at max and its the same for reading aswell it reads CDs at 20x rather than the usual 24x, Not due to that matter but i have recently re-installed Windows XP and its still the same so its nothing to do with windows, I do remember messing about with Nero drive speed but it doesnt have any option to set speed and I didnt change any of the options…
How can i fix it? I dont fancy messing around with Firmware as lots of people say its dodgy AND i did it with my MP3 Player the day i bought it and it wouldnt work or allow another flash of the old 1 so i dont wanna risk it…
Can any1 please help… :rolleyes:

Hi there,


Latest firmware for your NEC-6500 is v2.24

If you have old firmware, I know you don’t want to play with firmware, but the sad story is a firmware upgrade usually fixes lots of problems, specially if you are using new 8x and 16x media, that your burner doesn’t recognise probably, if the firmware is too old !

Good Luck !

Im using the same 8x media as before and now they are 6x…so i dont think its the firmware… its Universal on the media aswell… They are ALL lower in speed CD/DVD Burn/Read and im using all same software and media as before… is there no other method? I have a laptop aswell and ive been told its dodgy to mess around with laptop optical drive’s firmware

Hi there,

What software are you using to burn ?

Nero ? VSO CopyToDVD ?

Look in the logs, maybe your drive is in PIO mode and not DMA Enabled.

That will make a difference !

Post us a full burn log here !

I have Nero but dont use it for DVD burning (Vision Express is slow and has frame stutter effect on 80% of burns) I use winAVI to convert .AVIs and .MPEGs and then use DVDShrink 3.0 to burn to DVD (which does use the Nero engine but does a better job than Vision Express) how do i get a burn log? ive just done 5 DVDs on DVDShrink…

Nope the My NEC6500A is 4.60 Firmware, I downloaded your link and it wouldnt work…good job aswell as it was the wrong one…see what I mean about messing around with FirmWare, there are loads of threads in here about people needing help as there drives have stopped working…
Im using all the same media and software as before and dvdshrink doesnt leave a log…
Nero info tool reports that the drive IS DMA Enabled…
I just cant get my head around it…Its defo not the FirmWare and I refuse to Wreck my drive to try and gain 25% speed
I thought this forum would be able to help but no-one seems to be able to …
All the answers are the same in the threads… “Flash the Firmware, Flash the Firmware…”
Is there no real tech guys that can help…???

Hi there,

Nope the My NEC6500A is 4.60 Firmware

Welcome to OEM Drives VS Retail Drives VS OEM Drives that came in a Laptop from an other company :slight_smile:

They all have their own flavor of firmware for the same identical hardware !


There is a v2.24 and a v4.24 firmware for this drive.

If you have v4.60 it must be a new burner…

And this is why retail firmware will not net you flash an unsupported drive !

You tryed, you know this firmware is not for your drive.

Only when you are 100% sure, you can use tools like BinFlash, it will flash it period :slight_smile:

So why is the DVDRW that used to burn 8x on BULKpaq 8x media and now burns at just 6x on same media…??

Obviously it isnt new media that the drive doesnt support
Ive had the Laptop 6 months and it was refurbished so it could of been fitted then (6months ago also the laptop is no more than 14 months old)

any ideas…
if I had to flash how do i do it?