Dvd+rw Incompatibility

I recorded tv program on memorex dvd+rw media. Playback on recording machine is perfect (insignia player.recorder) but will not play back on 2 other vcr/dvd combo machines. Plays back on my lpatop. Insignia tells me that I should try different dvd mfg. Is this correct?

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I’d say personally (others may feel differently) that Insignia are right on the money.

It’s a little more expensive, but for RW I use Verbatim. Some folk here like Ricoh RW media too, but I haven’t tried those. :slight_smile:

Arachne is right (am I saying that out loud ? :slight_smile: ) Welcome to CDF.

RW media has a harder job to do than normal write once stuff, and IMO is even more of a reason to get the good stuff, I use both the Verbatim, and the Ricoh medai, I fall into the ‘thinks Ricoh is better camp’.

But its not like the Verbatim is not good, its a very close second.
Might be worth a go with DVD -RW, I have a few SA DVD players and some of them will only work with -RW media (the older ones).

I prefer Verbatim for DVD-RW and Ricoh for DVD+RW.

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I must get some of the Ricoh from SVP :iagree:

Maybe the discs need to be finalized? :confused:

DVD+rw dont need to be finalized

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Not all DVD Players will play RW media; RW media has lower reflectivity than non-RW media so it’s harder to read.

You can check if VideoHelp has information about whether your VHS/DVD Combo players support DVD+RW media:

VideoHelp Player Compatibility List: insignia

If your VHS/DVD Players do support RW media, then I also suggest trying Verbatim or Ricoh media. If they don’t then I suggest trying some other non-RW media of good quality such as e.g. Verbatim, Taiyo Yuden or HP.

It is always interesting to experiment with other discs; but if the original discs play on the original recorder as well as a computer drive, I would also look at the other DVD/VCR combo machines. Early Panasonic models, for example, refuse to read and +R/+RW media for political reasons (defiance of the DVD Forum). If either of the models that fail to read the discs are old Panasonic models, then no other DVD+RW brand in the world will work.

The combos are newer samsungs. They claim to be capable of playing DVD+rw and -rw

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Do SVP do the 8x Ricoh ? I am not saying you are wrong …just yet :smiley: But IIRC I have always had to get them from Ebuyer or some such other place, while we are talking about them (DVD -/+ RW) what do any of you know about Ritek 008 DVD +RW’s ?

SVP have got these 8x +RW which are the same if not as clean looking as my Ricoh branded, but I 'spose its a nice blue, but if the Ritek’s are no good I am not going to waste my time but if they are average or better I will give them a gamble with my next order.

If this should be asked in its own thread …please move it.

Not anymore, but they used to have them.

SVP have got these 8x +RW
RITEK 008 DVD+RW media (one of the two listed possibilities) isn’t supported in as many drives as RICOHJPN W21 or MKM A03, so I’d recommend buying something where you’re you’ll be getting RICOHJPN W21 or MKM A03, e.g. Verbatim 8x DVD+RW at SVP.

Hehe, you know, I have no idea…I was talking Ricoh RW in general, but 8x sure would be nice!

RITEK008…I think I have some of those under the Traxdata brand (it’s late and I can’t be bothered to go through my box of media to find out though). They’re alright, nothing special though. :slight_smile:

The only Ricoh RW DVD media (its also Ricoh branded) I have is 8x, this is why I have always put them up against the MKM Verbatim 8x, they were the first +RW DVD media I got and most of them are still going strong, I have had a few give me problems like ‘No TOC’ errors but with a few full erase/format cycles I have got them back to working life. I have had more problems with the verbs in less time and not been able to get some back. I do still have a few 10 off jewel cased boxes that I have not opened as yet, so I could have got hold of a bad batch …but that could also mean all of them :frowning: I need to check the batch numbers.

I have found this thread/post in the DVD media tests (I should to add some of my data in there as well) and I can live with the numbers so I might give SVP a go with a small amount next order.