DVD+RW how to use them?

I would like to use DVD+RW disks over and over, like a floppy. Basically, I want to use my stand alone DVD recorder like a VCR. Using the DVD+RW disks between different DVD players, then erasing and using them again.
How do I do this?
Is it as simple as using a floppy?
Am I making this too complicated?
Do I have to format them first? If so, what file system?
I heard that I shouldn’t finalize them or They will be like a DVD+R and I won’t be able to erase and write on them again.

Windows XP
Plextor PX-800A
RCA DRC8030N stand alone dvd player/recorder


Some Recoders need to format DVD+RWs first, DVD+RW do not need to be finalized. They are EZ to use you can erase the titles or reformate the entire disc.

Be careful not to mark up the bottom of the disk with fingerprints or scratches and you will have a longer usable life of your discs.

If your recorder supports DVD-RAM discs they last a lot longer (a lot more record/erase cycles) but they are also quite a bit more expensive.

Otherwise, you have it essentially right. Just treat the discs well and you should get quite a lot of cycles out of them… a few hundred likely.