Dvd-rw help



hi all i found this site from a web search and i’m sure it’s the best place to get help. I’m new to the dvd-rw thing and need some advice. I have recently (last 2 months) purchased a dv recorder that does ram and dvd-rw. As well I have a new laptop that states that it plays dvd-rw disk. My problem is that I can record and watch the dvd in the recorder but not on the laptop. I made sure that they both played dvd-r(w) and not dvd+r(w). Can any tell me why I cant watch what I recorded . any advice will be greatly appreciated. :bow:


Normally on DVD recorders you need to finalize or close the disc for it to be read in another device.
This is a fairly common question & hopefully this will be the answer.


Can you see the file but it won’t play? Or can you not see it at all and get no contents.

It might be as simple as not having the right player or video codex’s. If you can’t see the file at all then it may be the DVD thing we are discussing but if you can see it and it just won’t play make sure you have the right stuff to play it.



thanks databyter this was the answer and solution.