DVD RW Hardware - Recommendations?




I am interested in doing DVD RW on Linux. I am currently running Fedora Core 4 (kernel 2.6.12-1). Ideally, I could find software and hardware that supported a direct “on the fly” DVD copy (I have an existing DVD-R drive); however, from the searching I have done, I am not sure if that is possible.

I have used Nero in the past under Windows and am now using it within Linux (excellent thus far).

Does anyone have suggestions on:

  1. A DVD RW drive (that supports dual layer)
  2. Software packages to do DVD on the fly copying (if Nero cannot)



you can’t do dvd on the fly, it needs to be decrypted and shrunk.

the nearest you could get is anydvd which does on-the-fly decryption (but not realtime) but often you’d need to shrink the decrypted vobs etc.

rippers on linux include vobcopy and perl-video-dvdrip, personally i use anydvd and nero recode under vmware, you can also use dvd decrypter or dvd shrink under wine.

yes, nerolinux is quite nice, i prefer it to k3b, probably because i’m so used to nero. i hate xcdroast.

oh, as far as hardware goes, my benq dw1640 works nicely under fc4, the only problem is the lack of linux firmware flashers - and it’s quite hard to find .cvt files which you can flash using the dangerous bros’ dos flasher and a windows boot cd.

there’s a linux firmware flasher available for nec drives (i’ve used it on my nec nd1100a and 3500a) so the nec nd3540 might be an option. http://binflash.cdfreaks.com/

i’d stay away from sony.


I like anything from Plextor…good drives…although not the cheapest, however I have had great reliablility and performance. Note about firmware flashing. I agree, as of now, Plextor is only providing Windows and MAC Firmware flash versions and it would be nice to have a Linux one too… I’m writing the company…as they support their drives very well and also provide frequent firmware updates for feature enhancements and performance improvements…