DVD-RW Gone bad!

Hello !

I was using Nero to burn some files on a DVD-RW. It started burning, but instead of the led blinking it stayed always lit. I noticed something was wrong as Nero showed the RAM recording buffer was full, but nothing was being burnt (my drive´s buffer was not being filled). It stayed like this for a long time, so I used task manager to close Nero, as it stopped responding. Then I tried to erase the media, but the computer always froze when I did that. The drive apparently doesn´t recognize it anymore. I tried other media (all DVD-RWs) and they worked fine, so I guess the drive´s ok.

Has the media gone bad ? Is there a way to fix it, or will I have to throw it away ? If it really is bad, have I done something wrong for it to happen ?

PS: I have LG GSA-4120, and that´s the second time it has happend.

it happens. there are currently 7 million reasons why ;)…
were you trying to burn @ 8x to a 4x dvd perhaps ?
put the ‘bad’ disc in full sun for 40-45mins, then do a full erase with alcohol 120%…with ignore illegal toc checked. sounds bizarre, but it revived a ridata dvd+rw that i was about to trash…just wait for a while when you insert it if alcohol don’t see it right…5 mins maybe. if that don’t work still…in the bin with it !

Cool ! I´ll try that ! (Tomorrow, cause it´s night here)
Is there any substitute for the sun ? Will a fluorescent lamp work ?

has to be UV light

AFAIK, fluorescent lamps irradiate UV, not as intense as sunlight though.