DVD-RW from camcorder PC can't play

Please help. I recorded DVD-RW in VR mode on my Canon camcorder and I can’t play it on my PC. As matter of fact, my PC think it is a blank DVD. I have a DVD multi-recorder but it doesn’t work. Is there a way that I can copy it onto my PC as I would like to back it up. Thanks!!!

[I]n order to allow interchange between recorders, it may be necessary to finalize or protect DVD-RW media before putting these in another recording system. DVD-R media must be finalized before playback is possible in players. Also finalization may be required before a DVD-R disc can be accessed in another recording system.[/I]

Actually i think you cannot finalize in VR mode. You can only finalize in DVD video mode. I have the same problem as well

You need support for UDF. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Universal_Disk_Format

I got my Vista to a least see the VR mode files in ISOBuster. The trial version is limited function .I didn’t want to buy the program so I can’t say for sure but it indicated it would extract the VR mode files.
I also tried the ISOPuzzle it looked like it was trying to copy the VR mode disc to the HD but I gave up after 20 hours on one disc .

Dogg may be on the right track but I tried a couple of the UDF reader freeware the Nero INCD & Roxio Adaptec ones & no luck there .Maybe I just need a good tutorial or guide.
Now for the funny thing my older computer that has Windows98se on it sees the disc with no problem & with VLC I can watch the disc on it.
So if you have access to a computer with 98 on it you might be able to open the disc copy the .vro file to a large flash drive or external HD.Then your newer OS can see the .vro file.
Then you may be able to rename it’s file extension to .vob & name it
VTS_01_1.vob .
It.s not really a good .vob but it lets some software recognize it as one.I was able to take it from there & run it through several freeware programs.I ended up with a playable standard DVD format disc.
I’m sure there are pay for programs that might do it all with one program.

If you read the wiki link, there are several known issues with various versions of windows and some cases (depending on UDF format) where it won’t work at all.

I had read the wiki article when I was looking for information on getting Vista to recognize a VR mode disc.
I blame MS for this.I don’t need to record in VR mode on my settop so for me it was just playing around to see if I could get Vista to recognize the disc. I have read where several people with camcorders have a problem with this.