DVD+RW format help



another newbie question…
my laptop (Dell 5160) has a DVD+RW drive. my understanding is that it’s hit an miss getting a +R/RW DVD to play on regular DVD players.

is it possible to burn my info onto a +RW disc then copy it to a DVD-R disc via another computer that has a “-” drive? or will the formats be different altogether? i am making a number of DVD’s for a conference i’m puting on and i don’t want to burn them all onto DVD+ discs and chance them not working. but i don’t know what else to do since my drive is aparently not “DVD -” campatible for burning…


Have you tried burning to DVD-R media?
And yes it’s possible to burn to DVD+R or +RW and then burn a copy to DVD-R on a different PC…I don’t think you can change booktype to DVD-ROM on your Dell laptop,which I believe most people do, including myself, when using +R media…
This is precisely why I build my own systems,and not have to worry about proprietary parts…especially Lappy’s…


i have read the manual for your laptop. seems you are correct in the dvd burner will not write -r media. i am still skeptical? what is the exact model of the burner?
http://support.dell.com/support/edocs/systems/ins5160/en/OM/G74822LRs.pdf page 31

i don’t want to burn them all onto DVD+ discs and chance them not working.

it’s hit an miss getting a +R/RW DVD to play on regular DVD players.

[I]almost[/I] any newer players will play +r.


it’s an NEC DVD+RW ND-6100A.
hey t0nee 1, you lost my on “booktype”.
when i try to use a DVD-R disc, it won’t recognize it. i didn’t know if it was the preinstalled software (sonic record now) that was preventing it - but then i confirmed it was a “+” only drive (for DVD anyway).

thanks for your help so far.


you can flash your 6100a with 6500a.

this will allow dvd-r writing

please get the version labeled [U]2.40 (Fuji-Siemens) TDB Windows Flasher[/U]


new problem!
i flashed the drive and now the “-” RW discs work, but when i try to burn a “-R” disc via Nero, i get a “fail” at the end of the burn cycle. it waits til the very end of making the DVD and then fails the burn. the burn fail text is on another computer than the one i’m on now, but near the end are the following errors:

Sense Key: 0x05 (KEY_ILLEGAL_REQUEST) and several lines down:

#27 CDR-1046 File threadedtransferinterface.cpp, line 1680
illegal disc
D:_NEC DVD±RW ND-6500A and then the next line is:

#28 TRANSFER -27 file threadedtransferinterface.cpp, Line 1680
could not perform start of Disc-at-once

the DVD burned fine with an -RW disc. is an -R disc still incompatable for some reason with my drive? it’s not a major deal since it works on an RW - but i’d really like to burn them onto R’s. it seems more permanent to me (RW = eraseable).

i’m trying to burn onto a Fujifilm DVD-R 1-16X speed.
the successful RW’s were maxell DVD-RW “2hrs sp mode”

any advice?


please lower your burn speed.

also try some Taiyo Yuden DVD-R 8x (premium Line) media.