Dvd-rw for ps2?



Granted, this may be posted somewhere else, but for some reason, i cannot find it.

I pray to God that I am not trying to do something illegal again.

My sister has recently broken my God of War ps2 game; and now I have no God of war game to play. I DO NOT want the same thing to happen to my kingdom hearts game! (my sister is five, and I’m not alowed to hide my games, they must stay in the living room where she can reach them…:a)

I would like to know if I can copy my last good game using a dvd-rw disk.

I ment to buy a dvd-r disk, but the reason why I did not is a long story. I’m stuck with a dvd-rw.

I don’t get alowence, and babysitting jobs come few and far between; so it’s not like I can go buy another.

I have a old ps2, no mod chip (so far), and the game I’m trying to backup is kingdom hearts. please let me know!!

also, the burner I use is roxio. let me know if I need another!