DVD-RW for LiteOn 832S




Since my standalone DVD is having problems with DVD+RW medias, I am looking for a good -RW media. Which one would you recommend, I mean, which one produces the best results written @ 4x?
I already searched the forum, but I didn’t found any DVD-RW media test written on a LiteOn 8… series drive. I found a K-Probe check of a RITEK004V11, but there was nothing mentioned about a brand.
If there are already threads about this topic, please post a link and excuse me being blind and unable to use the search feature correctly :wink:


Know what you mean… Graphics are not searchanble and everyone posts the scans which makes it useless unless they also enter the dvdinfo text with it.



Well, thanks for the link, but I couldn’t find the information I was looking for. All I found where DVD-RW written @2x. I don’t want to wait half an hour, just to see, if an authored DVD works on my standalone as expected or not.


Have you tried setting the booktype of your +RW to -ROM. Use KProbe’s “Tools” menu and select “Bit Setting”. If you are using VS08 or later you can change the booktype without even reburning the disc. :wink:


Yup, I already tried the bitsetting. It didn’t work. According to the manual, DVD+R/W medias are not supported. I already read, that it supports the DL media, but only without bitsetting (booktype +R).


I have had great results with the Ricoh 4X DVD+RW’s (as I have with Ricoh JP-1 normal DVD+R’s as well).

They also worked just as well with my older 411@811 as well. I constantly use the RW’s quite a bit for computer data storage on a regular basis & have never had a problem with them as of yet.


Philips041 4X works OK in 812S:


Topic starter is having problem with his standalone compatibility, not his DVDRW burner.

MrGroover, make search HERE and HERE :wink:


I’ve a Panasonic DMR-E60 and according to the manual only DVD-RAM/DVD-R media are supported. Nevertheless +R/+RW media work OK with DVD-ROM booktype…, then I suppose that your standalone DVD doesn’t like DVD-ROM type.

Verbatim 4X -RW (MCC 01RW4X) or TDK 4X -RW (TDK601SAKU) can be a good choice.



To my knowledge DVD-ROM is universal format, ie a DVD+R/+RW booktyped to DVD-ROM should play on “all” standalones.

But as always, I might be wrong…


Well, my JVC is kinda wierd if it comes to DVD+R or DVD-ROM booktype. On the forum I found a note that it will playback the DL media without setting the booktype to ROM, just leave it as +R. So I guess it will like a DVD+R booktype rather than the DVD-ROM one. I haven’t tested it yet, I just don’t want to waste the media to test some tiny things I authored. And since a Philips and a Ricoh +RW media didin’t work, I’m now looking for a -RW one.
@panoramixx I already have one of those disks (Philips041) and since it is a +RW it doesn’t work on my standalone, but I’ll see how good the -RW ones are you mentioned.


Hehe. That’s what one would think…

I have a standalone that will refuse to play +R. Once I booktype it to -ROM, it plays fine. Ironically, it WILL play a +RW, and it will not play a +RW booktyped to -ROM. Incidentally, my laptop’s slim drive (LiteOn LSC-24082K) will make strange sounds when reading a +RW set to -ROM, but once I change the disc back to +RW using instant +RW bitsetting, my laptop drive plays it smoothly again without any strange sounds.

So my guess is that perhaps different reading strategies are used for +RW and that setting +RW to -ROM can, in some cases, be detrimental? :confused:


Just for your interest: Today I bought a Verbatim 4x DVD-RW (MCC 01RW4X) and I tested it. I had an aweful burn @4x (PIs between 300 and 400) and my standalone refused to read the disk :frowning:
Then I burned the same data, but now @2x. The KProbe looked much better. PI max was at 18. Guess what: my standalone accepted the disc and read it fine.
Now I thought, what will happen if I burn the +RW medias I have at @2.4x which is the slowes supported speed? Well, I did so and both, the PHILIPS-041 and the RICOHJPN-W11, were read fine and without any problems.
The last thing I tested was bitsetting. I tested both +RW disk with ROM and RW booktype and in both cases they were read fine…
Impatient me… If I knew it before, I wouldn’t have spent all the money for re-writable disks :slight_smile:

But what I experienced, just from the little testing: the 832S is having problems in writing a fine DVD-RW, at least the one I tested :expressionless: