DVD+RW erasing malfunction with DVR-109?



Sorry to start a new thread (already post about it here and here ) but I just wanna be sure that my DVR-109 isn’t going bad.

Here’s the situation:

Burning a set of data with Nero, Image for Windows (a backup utility I use), CDBurner XP Pro, Record Now!, Deepburner, HTFireman or Windows built-in burner with brand new DVD+RW’s (Sony 4x and Mistsumi 4x), I get no problems at all. The burning goes fine and the validation of data in these apps give no errors.

However, if I reuse a previously burned DVD+RW, all these apps ask me something like “all your data now present will be destroyed”. I say ok and then, the built-in erase function of each of the above mentioned software erase the data and burn the new one. BUT, when verifying I get CRC errors on the discs. In Image for Windows, this behavior is reproducible 100% of the time. In Nero and Record Now!, I succeed to make error-free discs maybe 1 or 2 times on 20 trials. In Windows built-in burner and CDBurner XP Pro, the data is absolutely not erased.

The only application able to erase successfully the DVD+RW’S is DVDInfo Pro (quick or full format). I can then burn reused DVD+RW and this, 100% error-free (I tried many times to be sure of my results) in any burning app.
The verifying option (called validating in Image for Windows) shows perfect discs.

Please note that I burned a lot of DVD-R’s, CD-R’s and CD-RW’s all without CRC errors. More interesting, in the case of the CD-RW’s, I made a similar test (burning already used medias without erasing them before) and it was successful (absolutely no CRC errors) all the time.

So, the trouble seems to be present only with DVD+RW medias and the way the erase function of many apps handle it on the Pioneer.

If someone could confirm the behavior, I’d know I have maybe a firmware related problem.

In the case no one is able to reproduce the bug, I’ll conclude that my burner is going bad… but I have some doubts as the bug is only present with one kind of media and that DVDInfo Pro succeed all the time to erase correctly.

Anyway, sorry for the long post and I hope my explanations are clear (english is not my main language).

**DVR-109 with firmware 1.40

Thanks a lot

EDIT: someone gave me the advice to try with different brands of DVD+RW’s, just to be sure that the problem isn’t related to bad medias. This is the next step in my list of “to do”.

I also wrote to Pioneer tech support but didn’t received any reply yet.


It appears after testing that the “quick format” function found in the extras tab of Nero CDSpeed free utility is able to erase the DVD+RW’s correctly. Just after running this format, I tested in Image for Windows and the backup ends without any errors…

So, I have now two ways to get DVD+RW’s to work more than one time.


Pioneer USA finally answered but it was of no help…

Anyone having the same problem???


Only DVDInfoPro is always properly working for this tsk.


Thanks chef.

However, I tried a demo of the latest Nero (I had prior Nero Express OEM, not the latest) and it succeed to overwrite without CRC errors.

I also discovered that Image for Windows is working fine overwriting the medias but… as a plugin in Bart’s PE bootdisk. Sure, the speed isn’t the same because it takes twice much time to burn my backups this way (probably Bart’s PE doesn’t fully support UDMA).

Also, the same software under DOS (called Image for DOS) is also overwriting fine but again, it takes much longer.

Seeing this, I tried to lower the burning speed in Image for Windows but I didn’t succeed: the software seems to take only the optimal speed (DVD 4x) whatever speed I choose in the menu (it always take 10 minutes to burn 3GB…)

I’m a little disappointed because some users of this software report to be able to overwrite without prior erasing with DVD+RW 4x.

One thing I’ll investigate too is the VIA 4-in-1 drivers I use presently (4.40). Yesterday, as a test, I replaced them with the generic MS drivers but it didn’t change anything. Maybe I’ll try to load the latest ones (4.56)…

In conclusion, I’ll probably erase only with DVDInfo Pro for now and stop to bother with the fact that some applications do not handle overwriting correctly.


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It is true, some versions of Nero will work for that feature.
But the problem is to find them and compared to the amount of Nero rls that’s a long way…