DVD+RW Erase / Format

There seems to be a number of ways to erase a DVD+RW disc, and I’m not just referring to ‘quick/fast’ vs ‘full’. Here are just some of the methods that I’ve seen (certainly not a complete list):

Nero CD-DVD Speed: Erase (Quick Erase or Full Erase)
Nero CD-DVD Speed: Format (Quick Erase or Full Erase)

Nero Burning ROM: Quick-erase rewriteable disc
Nero Burning ROM: Full-erase rewriteable disc

DVDINFOPro: Fast Format (with or without Compatible Close)
DVDINFOPro: Full Format (with or without Restart)

I pretty much always use Nero Burning ROM Quick-erase, but I have also tried the other methods on occasion. Although I have never encountered a problem, I have noticed that DVDINFOPro reports different Media Information, specifically the BG Format Status. This BG format Status seems to vary depending on the Erase/Format method, and possibly the previous BG format Status.

Although I have never had a problem erasing a DVD+ROM, the fact that the BG Format Status value varies has me a little concerned. I’m also not sure what is meant by ‘format’. Previously, I understood ‘format’ to mean ‘packet format’ but I don’t think this is case here. Is there a reason for choosing ‘format’ over ‘erase’?

Can anyone shed some light here, or point me to a good explaination?


I don’t know the details. But format seems return/restore the rewriteable disc to blank disc state whereas the erase only erase the files does not erase the format of previous recordings that result in error in some applications. We need experts here to explain the details.

I don’t even bother to erase my +RW disc when I burn it, it is automatically done on the fly, no need to erase manually and then burn.