DVD+RW erase error

I’d try running a search for this information first, but apparently the search engine is busted. I get a blank screen in Firefox and a page loading error in IE.

For some reason my Plextor PX-712A will not recognize Memorex DVD+RW media as RW. It will instead recognize the media as DVD-ROM and will not allow me to erase the disc. I’ve tried programs like CD SPeed and DVDInfoPro to erase the disc. All programs recognize the media as DVD-ROM. Within CDSpeed, the disc will actually first show as DVD+RW, but then when you go to erase the disc, the option isn’t available and when you exit out of the erase screen the disc info then says DVD-ROM.

Every once in awhile, though, DVDInfoPro will detect the disc as RW and I’ll be able to erase the disc, but then when I try to use that erased disc, the burning software will say the media is not blank.

Every so often it’ll even say a Memorex or Verbatim DVD+R is not blank.

What the hell is going on?

The drive worked flawlessly before upgrading my system. The only software difference I can think of is I installed Nero 7 instead of Nero 6 as I previously had installed. I ran searches on this forum and found that Nero 7 causes issues with DVD+RW media. So I used Nero’s special uninstall tool, given to me by their tech support, to remove (including registry) the Nero software. I then ran the ForceASPI software to install the ASPI 4.6 drivers.

This has allowed my Plextor to every once in awhile detect the RW properly, as mentioned above, but it still doesn’t work. Does anyone have any ideas? Is my drive shot or does Nero suck that much and the only way I’m getting away from those idiots is to reinstall my OS?

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DVD+RW & PX-712A erasing error (Plextor DVD Burner)

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