DVD RW DW-Q520A firmware?

just bought this sony drive
the firmware is HYS1
the drive is set to master and i need to set it to cable select to make it to work in my laptop
how can i do that?
also is it a rebadged liteon drive?
if yes witch one please

Rebadged Liteon…

Interesting model number. Going by the firmware version number it looks like a 165H6S lightscribe drive. Strange because usually Sony changes the last number to a one (Q121A) for the lightscribe model (Q120A is non Lightscribe) and the ‘Q’ normally means it doesn’t support DVD-RAM which would make it a 160P6S but if it was this model the firmware would start with a ‘C’. :confused:

[B]Edit:[/B] Sorry I missed the fact it was a slim type drive, so it is definitely not a 165H6S. Please read below.

COdeking, this seems to be a notebook drive… Possibly a successor of DW-Q58A


Thanks mciahel. Trying to do too many things at once and didn’t read the post properly. :o That explains a lot.

loorenzo, if you can install the drive in your PC and send me a screen capture of the SmartBurn information tab, I will try to make you a tool that will allow you to change the IDE setting. :wink: I really need the firmware to guarantee it will work but to extract the firmware properly you would need to uses XSF at DOS (see the LiteOn tools collection read first thread).

Off to get a coffee to wake myself up… :bigsmile:

can you explain how to do it please with xfs and how to send the capture
i am a novice

loorenzo, sorry for the late reply but I wanted to be able to give you a much easier solution to read your firmware. Please see this thread:

If you or someone else could send me your DW-Q520A firmware urgently, I would really appreciate it. I have someone that needs it to restore their drive. Thanks.

i send it to you a few days ago!!
are there any news about a new firmware?

Hi I bought this drive aswell…
fitted it to a HP nc6120
and the workround that I used was to remove the hard drive set it it slave reinstall then instal the DVD then use the flash tool to fead and alter the firmware
then reset the Hard drive back to master/'cable select
and all working fine. :slight_smile:

Can you explain more about this.

To use this Drive with a HP nx6110 there is a problem because both the DVd drive and the hard drive are set to master.
Because the Dvd Drive has this set in the EEprom firmware you cant just change the jumper because there isn’t one.
part 1[/B]
So what you need to do is remove the hd and set it to slave now they both can co-exist.
However for me life was complicated (or simplified) by the fact I use grub as a boot loader. grub expected my root file system on hda and now it was on hdb
simple edit on the boot menu allows my system to boot and now the system is useable.

you might see something flash past about hard drive controller failure but it works.

[B]part 2[/B] (you need windows for this :()
The solution to the master slave problem is very simple you need
and a hex editor

backup the eeprom twice at least and then load one copy into
xvi32 mine were sony1 and sony2.bin
go to location 07C in the editor you should see surrounded by FF’s a value 08
change this value to 09 (be very careful to only change this value) and save it i called it sonymodified.
restart the eprom utility and write sonymodified to the eeprom. finally get it to fix the checksum.
now shutdown and restart.

Probably your hd is no longer detected only the optical drive shows up - this is good.
Dismantle your laptop again remove battery and hard drive and dismantle the caddy and reset the jumper to where it was (on mine it appears to be just open pins) put it back together.
if your using grub as a bootmanager you need to tell it hda instead of hdb
and also once ubuntu loads edit /boot/menu.lst back to hda instead of hdb

now you have a laptop with a working dvd burner as slave and for a lot less than HP want you to pay for one.
Incidentally the sony Bezel is a little too tight for the Hp so i shaved the edge down so it could open and close-you’d never know :slight_smile:

I got distracted by thinking it was the flash firmware that needed changing instead it is the EEPROM and one bit (hopefully it will take you less than 5 hours to find this and do it).

a couple of notes obviously this should work for any laptop
if you do have a HP laptop check the bios settings carefully
I had boot order with cdrom first ect but it wasnt booting
turns out in the security menu it has boot from CD disabled.
I never saw that setting before.

Hi! :slight_smile:
It works fine… many thanks! :clap: :clap: :clap:
I have an Acer TM427LC and i replaced original combo dvd cd/rw QSI SBW161 SX13 with a Sony DVD RW DW-Q520A. :smiley:

My QSI SBW161 is originally setted as Master (i tested it with an Slim/IDE adaptater on my desktop PC) so i think that the new Sony DW-Q520A (originally setted as Master too, i tested it) will work, but not so… my acer didn’t boot… and it freeze on boot posts.

So i tried to apply the procedure named “part 2” and the sony now is setted as a slave: now my acer posts fine, the sony works propely and it writes dvd at 8x. :iagree: :iagree:

But there is a strange thing:
My acer can boot only from the HDD.
It can’t boot the pc from sony dvd/rw because the bios (ultimate version) don’t recognize it (it say “none” on ide 2 channel), but when windows starts (and windows starts fine) the sony work fine, and it is recognized from nero info tool as secondary slave :confused:

It’s strange thing, and why the sony must set to slave, when the QSI is a master too? :confused:

Sorry for my bad english,
thanks a lot