Dvd-rw dvd-r problem <<<<help>>>> asap

For the past couple of days i have been trying to put a mpeg movie file onto a DVD-R or DVD-RW but it does not let me, I usually convert my WMA movie files to MPEG so it has better qality and fits the DVD just right…

BUT MY PROBLEM IS THAT every time i go on NERO, click on MAKE HOME DVD VIDEO, add video files, and i start burning, after about 50% it tells me to enter the right disk, WHILE THERE IS ALREADY A DVD-RW and sometimes a DVD-R in there, it wont continute until the right disk is in there :doh: , i dont know what is wrong with it… do i have the wrong dvd type or am i doing somthing wrong, FYI i just want to play these on a DVD player…

HELP ASAP TANX ALOT GUYS :confused: :confused: :sad:

What burner do you have?


I think thats my DVD writer…


[B]also FYI i figured out right after the transcoding, when it wants to burn the stuff on the DVD it says insert while i have a DVD-RW in there, HELP[/B]

If I’m not mistaken it is a +R only burner. -R are not compatible with it.

but 2 days ago i made a movie into VCD format and i put it on CD-R and it worked well, could that be saying anything

CD-R’s are fine as there isn’t CD+R, but DVD-R are your problem.

Edit: Here is the spec sheet for your burner listing the compatible formats. The I,E, and N are all the same burner.

Thanx so much man, wouldnt have figured it out with out chyall,