DVD/RW & DVD drives caput!?

First off, I apoligize if the solution to my problem is buried under the amazing amounts of informing posts here, but alas, my searching has got me no where. I know its a lot to read through, but please, I am a beaten man.

I recently reinstalled WinXP pro on a freshly formatted drive, non-partitioned.
After installation, I continued with the task of loading drivers, programs and games. Many of these games and programs were on CD’s. They all installed and worked perfectly until I popped in my Nero OEM cd.

I have 2 drives. I have a LG dvd rom drive and a LG DVD/RW (-/+)Dual layer.
Both drives worked flawlessly before the XP reinstall, and even after whislt reinstalling games/programs.
Niether drives will read any disc’s.
I have a diffrent problem then I have read in any of the posts I have found on this site or anywhere else.

Windows, BIOS and the load up all read the drives prefectly. However in WinXP normal mode, the drives E:/ and F:/ appear under My Computer. I can right click on them and choose properties. BUT I cannoct access the drive. I get this error
E:/ is not accessible. The device is not connected.
When I try to access my DVD/RW, I just get a blank directory with no error.

Now for the WIERD part.

I have gone into my Hardware/Devices and have tried Uninstalling and disabling/re-enabling the devices and tried to reinstall. The drives uninstall and disable just fine. BUT the second I scan for hardware changes to reinstall, or when I try ti re-enable my drive, my PC hard crashes and reboots and gets stuck in a crash loop. It will continue to load windows and crash over and over untill I choose to start in safe mode. Then without making any changes I can reboot and load windows normally.

Wierd huh? I have googled, and read through so many posts and have no solutions. :confused:

Things I have tried.
Resseting the CMOS.
I have tried 2 other drives.
I have attempted to uninstall and reinstall, disbable/re-enable.
I have ran regedit and tried to delete the upper and lower filters.
I have tried to reformat, but the drives wont read the winxp cd when loading to try and do the install sequence.
I have ran spyware and virus checks ( this is one day after a fresh format with no connection to the net or a network.)

P4 2.8HT
1024gb ddr3200
ASUS P4PE-X mother board
Xin Xp Pro Sp2

Thank you all who were brave enough to read through all that and thank you in advance for your suggentions/solutions. :slight_smile: