Dvd-rw dual layer and 2500

I’ve heard 2.4x dvd-rw dual layer is slated to come out the second quarter of this year. I was wondering if it would be possible for the 2500 to write to this media with a firmware mod or is it not going to be possible to make it do this?

not capable hardware wise. it is not a -rw DL burner

Yep, just forget about that with this oldish drive/hardware.

Does anyone know if DVD+RW DL is coming out too? I mean they’re always right up there with the other format. If they are coming out do you know when and if it will be compatible with the 2500?

No one has announced DVD+RW DL so far, AFAIK.
For DVD-RW DL, only media were announced so far by JVC…

Thanks, I ought to think about selling my 2500 and getting one of the newer NEC’s.

By the way do you know when hd-dvd & blueray recorders(for pc) will be available and for how much?

Good question! I would say the prices will not be good until next Jan! Not before! That stuff will cost a fortune until Christmas! Then watch it drop like a rock!

A bigger question is how long will it take to develope software to make a primative backup copy!

That stuff will cost a fortune until Christmas!
Pioneer’s first blue ray recorder will be around $1k

Samsung plans to launch an internal and an external version of a BD,DVD,CD combo in April, price should be around $500.

Looks like I should forget about these for awhile. I want to get a 3550, will that be working with the dvd-rw dual layer discs that are coming out? Also there’s a thread about a 4550 at the top of this forum but I can’t find that drive anywhere, who carries this?

Yes, Samsung soon for around $500, and the Pio 101A is already sold in the OEM market, will come out for “non-OEM” markets later this month. Also their next drive 102A is under heavy development.
For me BD and HD-DVD burners are only expensive and useless toys so far, mainly due to unsolved mysteries and “features” like a dead-restrictive AACS.

Yep! Too many ifs!