DVD RW drives

This is probably a really stupid question, but, does the LiteOn DVD burner perform the same functions as a CDRW drive.

I am thinking of updating my LiteOn Drive/Drives:

CDRW LTR 48246s

If I replace the CDRW with like a LitOn LDW-401S, it can backup Safedic 8 + games etc, etc, plus it would give me DVD copying ability.

I am not sure how updated or correct my firmware is for both drives, I did an update on the LTD 163 to GH5s, but went back to GH4f, had trouble playing a DVD after flashing, ended up re-installing my DVD playing software.

I have never touched the CDRW firmware, did not want to open a can of worms, and cause a problem.

Dell 8100
1.3 p4
WinXP home
512 ram
Twin WD 40g hard drives
Nvidia G-4 Ti4200 128m

Easy CD Platinum 5
Alcohol 120

Lite-On’s DVD burner will burn CDs, but it won’t burn them as fast as your LTR-48246S does.

Edit: The LDW-401S and LDW-411S write CDs at 40x24x40x.

I would flash the CD burner to a 52246S - 6S0D, then replace the 163 with the 401S. The 52246S is still the best burner money can buy IMHO, the 48246S may be just as good really.
right now, with current F/W, the 401 is not as good with CDR and CDRW as the 6S drives are.

thanks for the quick reply,

ok, my LiteOn speeds are 48x24x48, [and I “think” I can firmware update that to 52x not sure,] vs. the 401’s 40x24x40,Any other down-sides I should know about ?

I am thinking that ain’t much of a downgrade to add the DVD burn feature.
newegg has a LDW-401s for <110 bucks, 4x DVD burn speed but so what, slow is reliable, yes ?

On a scale of 1 to 10, how would you rate the 401 overall, it seems inexpensive, I am partial to LiteOn, they seem to burn most any media, cheap or $$$. Thanks again for your help.


Originally posted by rdgrimes
Right now, with current F/W, the 401 is not as good with CDR and CDRW as the 6S drives are.

This might be a downside to replacing your CD-RW with the DVD+RW.

hey rdgrimes,

I was considering that, but I can remember the days when burned copies would not play on cdrw drives [ maybe that is a CloneCd burned only deal] So I was not sure if you could run two cdrw drives and still play “all” backed up games.

Is there a “best” web sight to get firmware for my 48246S that will not hang me out to dry ?

Is the best place for firmware.
Current versions of CCD and Alcohol have a function that hides the media info from your system, so games should play on RW drives. Emulation also works in many cases. Consult the software forums for details.
Have 4 optical drives and 6 virtual drives running here with no troubles.

Thanks again rd,

I have been scanning the forum here and almost feel that I am getting too much information. Some love the LiteOn DVD RW, some say it is “junk” and to get a Plextor.

All I want to to do is to be able to make DVD’s and/or make backups of original DVD movies, and more importantly, make backups ups of my SafeDisc, Securom, etc, etc, games with my existing software. There seems to be this discussion between -R and +R capabilities, [ the LiteOn is a -R ] -R is suppose to be on the outs ??? So what, 'puter moves so fast anyway, everything is on the outs.

Firmware for LTR 48246s:

There is a newer firmware listed under the 52246s, 6SOF, you mentioned 6FOD, I am guessing newer is better, correct ?

It shows a “binary” file, is that not a better way to flash ?

And finally, after flash, will it display the drive as a 52246s in the Device Manager ?

Thanks, greg

I feel that 6S0D is superior to 6S0F, mostly for RW quality.

Originally posted by PtownBubba
And finally, after flash, will it display the drive as a 52246s in the Device Manager ?
it will.
… well, i don’t know about the device manager, but nero and everything else will do for sure - i did it, and believe me it worked just fine :smiley:

Yes, your 48246S will show up as a 52246S in Device Manager if you flash it with the 52246S firmware.

Hello Ptownbubba,
You quoted in one one of your earlier replies
that the LITEON DVD writer is a " -R " drive. From the specs that
i’ve read it is listed as a +R . I hope you’re not confused with all
the -R +R lettering.


The TRUTH is a LIE waiting to be told.

Last paragraph of a review I looked at:

Is the LDW-401S the best solution for you? It’s hard to say. If you don’t need to write to DVD-R/RW media, the LDW-401S is an excellent choice. However, if you’re looking for the flexibility a dual format DVD writer offers, you might be better off with a drive like the Sony DRU-510A, Plextor PX-708A or if you’re on a budget, Lite-On’s new DVD±RW, the LDW-411S.

Rats, now you know how dumb I am, it says right there DVD - R/RW.

I do not even “really” know what the - or + is, don’t care maybe, I just want another “toy” to play around with and make DVD backups and copywrite protected backups. Not real concerned if I loose a little copying speed.