DVD-RW Drives Are Listed As "Local Disks" In "My Computer"



I’m hoping someone can help with this unusual situation. All of my DVD-RW drives (external and internal) appear in “My Computer” as “Local Disks” (i.e.; hard drives). I have tried various operations to correct the problem (uninstall/reinstall, disable/enable, change drive letters, etc) but nothing has helped. Oddly enough, the functionality of the drives is not effected. When I view the drives in the Windows Storage Management console they are listed properly. They also appear correctly in applications (burning software, etc.) so it is more of an annoyance than a functional problem. Lastly, all other types of drives (flash, etc.) do appear correctly in “MY Computer” so the issue is specifically related to optical drives. Any thoughts appreciated :slight_smile:

PC: Windows 7, 64 Bit