Dvd-rw drive will not recognize dvd's

i bought a new gateway pc 6 months ago. it came installed with vista, however i needed to change the os to windows xp(to access programs for work). the pc came with a dh16w1p dvd-rw drive. i have played and recorded several dvd’s without a problem. about a week ago it started having problems recognizing dvd’s in the drive.it shows there is no disc in the drive, even through nero.it does not do this with all dvd’s just about half of them that i try to play.some dvd’s will show to be in the drive, but if you eject them and reinsert them they are not recognized.i have tried uninstalling drivers and the drive, i’ve tried cleaning the drive, downloading k-lite codec pack all to no avail. any help would be greatly appreciated. thank you

Uninstall softwares like incd and alcohol, then delete the ide channels in devicemanager & restart.

thank you for the reply. however that did not work either. it has recognized two dvd’s today and then it did not recognize anymore of them that i have tried. could it possibly be that it is not reading dual layered discs? how could i tell that?

Then please try to clean it, by using a disc cleaner maybe.

i have tried that several times also. i guess i am just going to buy a new disc drive. i just cant believe that it has not even been a year and i am having problems with it.

Hi, did you ever resolve the issue? Just wondering because I’m currently trying to resolve a similar issue for a friend. Before I’d even seen the machine she told me it needed a new drive, I ordered one from NewEgg, but the new drive does the same thing. They’re both LightScribe drives (old one is Samsung, new one is Lite-On) which I suspect is part of the problem since I can put my Lite-On DVD-RW drive in and it works flawlessly. I also found that either of the LightScribe drives will works if I boot into safe mode. Go figure. I’ve still got some playing around to do in order to determine which piece of software is causing the drive to fail to read DVDs in normal mode (WinXP Media Center, btw), but software definitely seems to be the issue.

If you’ve found anything since your last post, please share. I’ll do the same if / when I solve the issue on my friend’s computer. Thanks in advance.