DVD RW Drive unable to read DVD movies

Hey guys,

I’m new here but seeing as how popular this forum is, want to ask my question. I have a lite on SOHW 1633S DVD +/-RW Drive. I’m able to read almost all media except dvd movies, with the exception of a few like gladiator and the negotiator. Other movies like braveheart, pearl harbor, save the last dance I’m unable to read. I’m pretty sure these movies are using some kind of protection, how can I disable that? I only have one DVD drive which of course is the writer.


P.S.: I updated the ‘official’ firmware, still the same.

Welcome +Souljah+,

I moved your thread to the appropriate forum. Reading means viewing the movie on your PC or creating a copy of your original DVD?

So, the question is about ripping the movies to hdd (and this didnt work so far byecause of copy protections)?

No, not ripping movies. Reading DVDs that I bought years ago. Movies like Braveheart, Rush Hour.

“Reading movies”. ???

Either you want to rip or play them, I believe…

Yes Reading DVDs, trying to play DVD movies. Lol.

What program are you using to play the movies? Try updating Windows Media player to the newest version 11.

It’s not the program. I use multiple programs. Such as VLC, Media player classic. Just yesterday I was able to read a DVD and today I’m not able to. Also, I do have WMP11, and it won’t read any DVDs.

Maybe updating the firmware ^^!

I’ve also done that. I used the trial version of AnyDVD and somehow, it managed to read Braveheart, just once. Now I’m not sure what is wrong because it can’t read it now :stuck_out_tongue: