DVD-RW drive recognizes DVD+RW disc as a CD-RW to which it cannot write

Title pretty much explains it.

When I put the DVD+RW disc (imation) into the drive (_NEC DVD_RW ND-3540A), it acts like it’s a CD-RW, and gives the option to erase it. Properties says it has 0 free bytes and 0 used bytes.

Is it a driver proplem? A difference between the + and -?

thanks for any help.

Hi and welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

Do you have installed some packet writing softwares like InCD?

I have Nero StartSmart and Cyberlink PowerDVD

I’m actually on a friend’s computer, not sure why I didn’t try those…

Take a look in control panel --> Add/remove programs. Check if there is InCD installed

Could it be also Windows’ burning engine being a bit screwy?

Probably not, but it’s worth thinking about, as well as the evil that is InCD :bigsmile:

no InCD

okay, Nero recognizes that it has capacity. I should really get my head on straight before posting questions…

What happen exactly? Do you see a specific message? Do you see it right clicking on the drive?

When I open up the drive’s folder, on the left side where it usually says “Write files to…” and etc, it only has the option of erasing. When I look at the properties, it says there is 0 total and free bytes on the disc.

I don’t know if it’s related, but check if this option is checked

it is

I think Nero can handle it. I’ll test it out later. Thanks everyone.

You’re welcome :slight_smile:

Let us know results :bigsmile:

Hehe, I thought Windows’ native burning might be involved somewhere.

Hopefully, burning with Nero should be fine, though. As Geno said, let us know how you get on :slight_smile:

Appears that Nero worked just fine. Thanks once again.

Almost d same prob as “[U]tenchiko[/U]”

[QUOTE=SaiRacz;2680302]Almost d same prob as “[U]tenchiko[/U]”[/QUOTE]

my nero read it as a CD too… but the label of my disk is DVD-R-SONY…
i burn to it a file, the size of the file is more than 800mb… but b4 i burned it it says 0 byte…

Help please… tnx

[QUOTE=SaiRacz;2680302]Almost d same prob as “[U]tenchiko[/U]”[/QUOTE]

Such posts are useless and redundant…

If you would please use [B]PROPER english[/B] and no jabba-dabba then someone would probably answer your question!