DVD-RW drive reads DVD+-RW but not DVD+-R


I’m experiencing a stranger situation. I was able to burn dvd’s, but now, I can burn then but get error to verify them. Also, I insert some DVD movies in a 4.7GB disc which I can read in a regular desk dvd player, and it appears as

File system: raw
disk used: 0 bytes
disk available: 0 bytes.

the stange thing is that if I insert a DVD/±/RW it reads them.

I’m running
Microsoft Windows XP [Version 5.1.2600]
trhe drive is a memorex with a pioneer A106 driver


I’m running
Microsoft Windows XP [Version 5.1.2600]
[B]trhe drive is a memorex with a pioneer A106 driver[/B]


Please explain this.


I took this from some other post here:

the important part is this:
"Just want to share my experience with the Memorex True 8X DVD+/- Drive which is essentially the OEM version of Pioneer A07 but cost $20 less after rebate. I also like its black front and silver drawer better than A07.

Out of the box drive ID indicate a Memorex Drive with Firmware 1.06. I immediately flash the hacked Pioneer 1.05 firmware to enable 8X burning. Afterware the drive ID indicates a Pioneer DVR-107 drive!!!"

I bought the same drive.


I just flashed to ver 1.08 and it started to work. I’ll do some more tests and post the result

Ah, didnt know this was an Pioneer OEM drive.