DVD RW Drive reads CDs but not DVDs

I’ve been working on someone’s comptuer, and for some reason his DVD drive refuses to read DVDs. It will load data and audio CDs fine, but if you put in a DVD it trys reading it and then give up. If you look at the drive in explorer it shows nothing (but doesn’t say there is nothing inserted). PowerDVD claims that the drive is empty. I’ve gotten the latest driver, and it’s set to region 1. Device manager says it’s working properly. I’ve tried removing it and rebooting and letting Windows (XP) find it again, but it still refuses to play DVDs. Does anyone have any ideas?

What brand is the burner? How old is it? What motherboard chipset? Is it NFORCE?

Here’s the spec’s page I found. The burner was listed in device manager as NEC ND-1300A. I would guess the computers a year or two old, but I’m not sure (it isn’t mine and I can’t talk to the guy right now).

Anyone? Bueler?