DVD+-rw drive is recognized as only a CD-Rom drive

I just had a problem with the Nec dvd± rw nd-6500A. When I put in a DVD, it doesn’t recognized it and doesn’t play it. I decided to take out the unit and re-plugged it in, when the computer recognized the NEC burner, it list “CD-Rom Drive has been successfully installed”.

How did a DVD drive just become a CD-rom drive that can’t even recognized a DVD?

Any suggestion on how to fix this?

I’ve downloaded the latest driver from Dell; since I thought there might be a problem with the driver; and when I click on it to try to flash the drive, it say “Target NEC ND-6650A is not found correctly”

That is only cosmetical, a bug in explorer.

Is it because you tried to flash 6650A to a 6500 drive?
Or did you just made a typo?