DVD RW drive doesn't recognize DVD disc :(

I’ve a DVD-Video disc … which plays perfectly fine in my LG DVD player, but it just wouldn’t be recognized in my Lite-ON LTR 1653S with latest firmware CS0T. I find it funny, coz’ I don’t get any problems with other discs/DVDs. This DVD just wouldn’t even get recognized. I reckon its a DL disc. :doh: (I’m not sure as it won’t even get detected :frowning: )… I’ve not had any probs with DL discs earlier. It’s only this disc.
What’s my problenm? and what’s the solution? :confused:

Anyone knows any solutions for this problem on the 1653S ??

Provide more info.

Try reflashing CS0T. Reflashing helped me once with the same problem you have, not recognising just one single dvd (it was seen as an audio-cd, with just one file on it. The file could not be opened, very weird). First I flashed my trusted BS0S, then I downloaded a new copy of CS0R or CS0T (don’t remember wich one it was at that time) and flashed again. Until now it’s still working fine. Maybe it works in your case too.

:slight_smile: Leo

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Your dvd rom is OLD. Search for an updated firmware…