DVD+RW Drive doesn't recognize and read regular CD's

Hello all.
I have a Philips DVD+RW 416 that used to always work fine until some weeks ago it stoped to recognize CD’s, regular ones, and in special CDR (recording cd’s, empty cd’s) ive update drivers, reinstall it etc, check but nothing solved the problem. Did anyone ever had this problem? if so, or, anyone can help me on this??? I don’t feel is a dirty laser cause, it continues to read perfectly the DVD’s all DVDs are running just fine, except CD’s…thank you for your help on this. PS: I use a Windows XP Home Edition system on my computer and i also have another DVD regular drive installed.

i have the same problem with my 800a i patched it to 822a and then it doesn’t recognize cd’s only dvd’s. i pachted it back to 800a and tried serval firmware but nothing changed only the firmware version

I’ve got the same problem. I patched my 2*7 DW800 drive to 3C7 using first the cracked 3A7 firmware and then updated to 3C7. Well, I don’t know if it has to do with that, since I first recognized it very recently. Did you both update to 3C7?

I have the same problem with my DW800a which i converted to 830a.
It doesn’t recognize cds (cd-rom,cd-r,cd-rw) but read and write DVDs perfectly.
I’m still waiting for some patch or DOS firmware flasher which can help me to go back to DW800a.
But my patience is not boundless. :slight_smile:

So, what will you do when you are out of patient! Donate to charity! :smiley:

No. I’ll just throw this Benq DW800A@830A out of my window.
And after that i’ll buy myself a new DVDRW drive (not Benq, maybe LiteOn).

>I’ll just throw this Benq DW800A@830A out of my window.
There is no use in that.

My advice:
Sell it on eBay or somewhere like that.
Just write there that it won’t recognize CDs. Also write there why (possibly pointing to this thread) so that people don’t have to much fear that it will soon read nothing at all anymore.

Make a good prize and you are done.
There are always people looking for a cheapo DVD-Burner. Most of them have a cd-burner already…

You might kill someone outside of your window. BenQ says the formal upgrade to DL will be in September, 2004. If you are out of patient, sell it as “KillMe” said or better still before someone got kill send it to charity in Moscow.

No. I’ll just throw this piece of hardware from the bridge to Moscow river.
It’s so fun to throw some hardware pieces from the bridge and see how it falls into water. Yeah.

Please let me know, when you found a solution. Is there no way to flash your BenQ DW800 back to its original firmware under Windows? Did you have a look at the BenQ Firmware Page?

P.S.: I sent my drive back to BenQ. I did nothing wrong and its their turn to send me a new drive, that reads CDs. My patience has worn out! :frowning:


You could get caught by the Secret Police. Donate to charity is your best choice if you are not selling it. :smiley:

Strange i also have a dvd burner it’s also an philips dvdrw416. Burning the first ten cd’s without a problem after that the burner could not recognise any cd-r or cd-rw. Now i am only able to burn dvd+r and dvd+rw this really sucks. This is my second dvdrw416 burner. The first one did really nothing. The second can only recognise and burn dvd’s like i said. Strange very strange i think its a hardware failure. So i will bring mine back to the shop again but i am not so enthousiastic anymore about the philips burners. :-(( If somebody had an idea to solve it please let me know.

I’ve had the exact same problem the first DVDRW416 I bought died after the first DVD I burned, it wouldn’t recognize any cds/dvds I put in the drive. So I took it back to the shop and got a replacement thinking it was a one off failure. I’ve had the second drive for about 5 months now and yesterday it stopped recognizing cds.

I’m never buying a philips drive again, back to plextor for me :slight_smile:


I had the same problem some days ago with my totaly unpatched 800A.

I called my dealer: “Hi, my dvd-writer doesn’t recognize CDs anymore…”
Hotline: “Is it a BenQ-drive?”
They had a lot of such drives the last weeks.

–>> So it seems to be a hardware problem!!!

I will now get a new one! :bigsmile:
But 800A is out of stock, so I will get a newer BenQ-Model. :smiley:

(Hope this one will last longer :bow: )

you might get the 822 with dl firmware,
aslong as its not 830 you should be ok
I doubt you get a 1620
let us know what you get

what is wrong with the 830?

I will tell you what I got!
The new one should come this or next week.

822 is dual format drive 830 is not. plust 822 is dl upgradable with firmware that is suppose to come out 9/30. 830 uses 2mb of cache while 822 has 8mb of cache.

have you checked the dangerous brothers site for the solution. it is now possible to flashback 830 to 800 fw


(still waiting :bow: )