DVD+RW dont allow Bitsetting!?

I tried to burn a movie onto DVD+R and bitset it to DVD-ROM and it played fine on my very old DVD player. So I thought I will give DVD+RW a go. The first time I burnt the disk, it played on my DVD player. But after I erase it and burn on it again, it won’t play on my DVD player anymore. I am certain the disk is still working as it worked on my computer DVD-ROM perfectly but just not on my old DVD player.

I just want to confirm with guys that DVD+RW doesnt allow bitsetting.

The disk i am using is RicohJapnW01 with Liton 832s and I didnt forget to change the booktype everytime I burnt :slight_smile:

DVD+RW does allow bitsetting and it works fine.
If you’re having issues with a particular disc, do a FULL Format on the disc, and then burn it again with DVD-ROM booktype.
Or use a different DVD+RW disc. :wink: