Dvd-rw does it take any other dvd than rw?

Hello guys!!

I was wondering if my pc can use other dvd’s to burn other than rw, because I tried to burn with dvd+r and dvd-R, but it will only burn dvd’s that are dvd-rw.
This is the model:
ricoh MP5120a dvd+rw

Thanks, I am going crazy!!!


I just found out this googling! Does it mean that I only can use Dvd+r but only 2.4X??
I have no idea…

DVD+RW 2.4X 8X

  • Ricoh MP5120A Internal ATAPI DVD+RW drive
  • 1 Ricoh DVD+RW blank media
  • 1 Ricoh High Speed CD-RW blank media

Here’s your drive
Looks like it will handle only +RW… :sad:

Ay Ay Ay …, Ouch!!!