DVD RW Dliema, Please I need your help



I got brand new barerbone systems. It comes with FOXCONN 9657AA MOTHERBOARD. It contains ONE IDE and SIX SATA slots. I have installed 2 Western Digital HD on SATA slots and my DVD RW Internal drive is IDE and plugged into the ONE IDE slot that available.

Motherboard also has jMicron SATA/RAID Controller. It come with 2 different driver, one with RAID other without. Since I do not need RAID so I opted for Simpler one with NOT RAID function.

After all driver installation, I have loaded Windows XP Home edition with SP2 and upadated Windows MediaPlayer 9 to version 11. Installed Roxio Media creator 9.

  • My OS says I have SONY DW120Q-A DVD RW installed which is correct.
  • I have checked in HARDWARE Manager it says I have SONY DW120Q-A SCSI CDROM installed which is wrong
  • ROXIO Works fine with no problem READING or WRITING
  • Try using WM Player 11 to burn my Purchased music on to a CD, Media Player sys there is no CD Writer installed.

I have looked jMicron FAQ page, apparently this controller emulates all devices to a SCSI interface, Not sure what it is ???

BIOS is detecting the DRIVE as it is. XP is detecteing it DVD RW drive. ROXIO is working fine, but why WM Player is not detecting it?

Can anyone point me to the right direction?


It is all fine, the communication is done by using SCSI commands.
Just use a better player than wmp11. I’d suggest VLC tool, Zoomplayer, Winamp etc etc.


He can’t:

[B]Try using WM Player 11 to burn my Purchased music on to a CD,[/B]
means: He bought DRM crippled music that can only be played (and burned on CD if the DRM licence allows that) using WMP. Other players can’t handle these files.

Please try, if you can burn these files using your Roxio software. Also you may check if the Roxio software installed some kind of plugin for WMP. Try enabling or disabling that.
In addition, check if IMAPI burning service is enabled. Maybe WMP needs that.



Thanks for your reply mciahel. I have enabled the IMAPI burining service with no luck. My main problem is Windows XP is not recognising my drive as Burning Device, however Roxio Media Crator 9 is fully recognising the device and i can use it with no problem.

It think it it’s something to do with JMicron PCIE to IDE/RAID interface is confusing the XP to think the device is just SCSI CD-ROM. If I install the IDE version of the driver from Jmicron it works fine with WMP11 but roxio fails.



if your drive works with your Roxio software, then stick with that. Just forget that useless Windows burning service. Most experienced users have disabled that anyway. :slight_smile:
There is no other solution, unless you install a SATA drive. But please browse through this section, as there is a rather large thread about that Jmicron controller installed on those Intel SATA-only-junk boards :bigsmile:



I think I made big Mistake by buying this Intel Dual 2 Core bundle, which come with this stupid FoxCONN Mboard had only one IDE slot drive by jMicron.


Yeah, Intel sucks!
You will run into this problem will all recent Intel based mainboards.
My recommendation: Get a SATA drive (DVD-ROM will be okay) and an USB enclosure. Your Sony will do fine there :slight_smile:



I just wonder, if I install a PCI to IDE controller and the plug my SONY Drive to it, whether it’s going to work or not.


That depends on the controller. Some are good with optical drives, some are not. There is a very large (sticky) thread about this topic in the general hardware section.

You have already read the thread concerning the Jmicron controller?



Yes, it seems heading for dead end. No one has any good solution.

I have installed a ATA133/ATAPI Controller, and run it to another trouble now. Win XP and WM 11 detecting the drive correctly. Put a DVD in to the drive everything seems to be palin sailing. Done read TEST using a tool came with Easy CD creator 9, all OK but when I put the CD in my computer shuts itself down.

After doing bit of research, I have disabled the BIOS Cache or SHADOWING, problem is still there.


I am tempted to buy a SATA DVD RW Drive, do you think it’s going to work?




It should.

btw. you can edit your posts within 30 minutes :wink:


What’s your recommendation? I need something under £60 - £70 can read and write CDs, DVD +/- Rs, RW and prefarbly RAMs