DVD+RW DL Standards To Be Set This Year

The DVD+RW Alliance’s 6th Asian Pacific seminar was held in Tokyo last week. At the seminar, the Alliance unveiled their roadmap for the DVD+RW DL format. Currently in development, the standards are expected to be finalized later this year.

Furthermore, concerning the DVD+RW of transfer type, as much as 2 layer standard " DVD+RW DL " during standard deciding, to complete standardization on 2005 year latter halves, on occasion schedule of product throwing. 2.4 time rapid and others you start recording rate.

Attendant upon 2 stratifications, decrease and the like of reflectance is expected, but " technically there is also a difficult point, but () the reflectance of 2nd layer has aimed toward 5% ", you say. In addition, in order to seriously consider playback compatibility, " before the deciding the standard of the DVD+RW DL, first, deciding the playback standard for the player, it calls the correspondence of early stage with the DVD player. We would like to lose the problem regarding the compatibility at the time of product sale as much as possible ", it has done.

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Here’s my own translation summary. First look at (or read if you can) the original HTTP page at AV Watch@Impress.co.jp. Use the Japanese-English translation with Babelfish free translation software and my summary and also compare with the linked pictures.

DVD+RW DL Specification by the end of 2005

  1. DVD+R DL 8x produced starting in 2Q 2005 through 3Q to 4Q.

  2. DVD+RW DL specification will be finalized in 2H 2005. The initial recording speed will be 2.4x.

  3. They expect the two layers will cause even lower reflectivity but their goal is 5% reflectivity for the second layer. They want to minimize compatibility problems before product release.

  4. Because it’s yet researched, they can’t say for sure about higher speeds of DVD+RW DL recording. However, as the physical limit is 16x, they want to try with that in mind (16x goal.)

  5. DVD+RW speed will also be increased to the plan. 16x DVD+RW tests are being done with plans for 2006 specification finalization. They are also considering the same thing for DVD+R DL which is limited to 8x recording speed yet.

  6. DVD+RW Alliance is pushing VCPS (Video Content Protection System) that HP and Philips co-developed. The approval date is not yet set.

Compatibility verification tests for various drives and media by DCCG (DVD+RW Compatibility and Convergence Group)

(Look at the picture #5 dvd05.jpg)

  1. DCCG has Player Group and Recorder Group. Player Group is concerned with playback compatibility and Recorder Group is concerned with compatibility for recordable drives and media. The Player Group tested DVD+R DL disk compatibility like disk mounting (loading?), title playback, and layer jump (from first layer to second layer.)

(Look at the picture #6 dvd06.jpg)

  1. After compatibility tests for DVD+R DL media with consumer DVD players, it was 67% of the tested DVD players that could play the disks with Control Data Byte0 / E1 newly defined as DVD+R DL for the media type and it increased to 94% that could play disks with Control Data Byte0 / 01 which is highly compatible with DVD-ROM. (Also called “Byte 0 adjustment by writer” on the presentation image.)