DVD+/-RW DL Query

Hi people

Tried searching to find if this question has already been answered but there appears to be a problem with the site.

Anyway, I am looking to buy an external DVD writer for my laptop.

I was going to buy the GSA-E10L since it looks to be one of the best but I then came across the fact that it won’t right to dual layer rewritable discs.

Are there writers that can do this that I should consider? (I need to be able to read/write RAM discs)

Also why are there no manufacturers designing an allround workhorse? :frowning:

The one think I find is limiting on most drives is the lack of cdg support.

Anyway, that’s not as important as my DVD+/-RW DL query.

Please help.



The drive will write to RAM discs. :iagree:

I know of no drive that’ll write to DL RW - have a look at this post by DrageMester on the subject. :slight_smile:

BTW, I have the E10N (no LightScribe) and it’s a great drive ;)…agree with you though, lack of CD+G support on some drives is a pain, only my Samsungs and NEC drives will do it.

thanks for your speedy reply. It’s probably something I shouldn’t worry about.

I have an LG internal DVD writer for my PC and that’s great. This external one looks to be just the ticket.

Doesn’t read/write cdg but I don’t think you can get a drive which does everything well. Just something manufacturers refuse to do by the looks of things. Oh well.

The only other thing I now want is the Thecus YES Box N2100 if you know what that is. It’s a bit pricey though!


Hi again

Also can you please tell me if there’s any difference between the LG GSA-E10N and the LG GSA-E20N. All I can see if a difference in colour. Some websites say that the E20N has av connections on the rear but not sure if this is wrong.

Do you recon LG will be bringing out a new writer soon? These units appear to have been out for a while now. Some websites even claim that they are discontinued.

On the US website they show a GSA-5169D. Is this newer? This definately has av connections on the back. not sure if i’d use that though.



Just realised GSA-E20N and GSA-E10L have a different ending. I’m guessing E20N doesn’t have lightscribe but the E10L does have the av connections.

Is there going to be a new GSA-E20L brought out with everything on?


So are we saying that the GSA-E20N is really the best external DVD writer to go for?

or should I get the GSA-E10L? ARRRR

sorry for the multiple posts but has anyone heard of the GSA-H44N? It’s listed on PCWorld’s website (not a good place to go but I need to buy tonight as my laptop HDD has failed).

I guess the GSA-H44N is either really old (being on their website), a typo, a special for just PCWorld, or even maybe somehow a really new one that’s not even on LG’s website yet.

Just phoned LG and the news is very interesting…

GSA-E40N is new and there is also a GSA-E40L which is the same with LightScribe.

Model does not appear on the UK LG site but it’s on the US website:

Anyone know anything about it and where to buy it from?