DVD-RW DL media for sale

so where are the burners


Old news now and no one has seen a compatible writer yet at this day and time.

Why only 215 min and not 240 min like write once DL media ? :confused:

Those are just marketing numbers.

The only important number is the capacity (8.5 GB ~ 8 GiB) and the number of minutes that can be recorded depends on the quality/bitrate used.

215 minutes is a more honest number than 240 minutes for the recording capacity at “SP” quality/bitrate on 8 GiB media.

Agreed, the minutes mean absolutely nothing, you could put 10 or more hours of crappy footage on it if you really wanted.

Hopefully some drives will be able to get a FW upgrade to use the media. That might be a little too optimistic though. I really could not be stuffed buying another writer just for something like this. I find that I hardly use RW media and I cannot find any reason for why SL RW is any worse than DL. If you have too much data to copy for a SL RW, use two. Simple, plus the readback speed of RW DL media will be pathetic.

wonder if actually u can just burn that as is with out a different writer or firmware be nice to know or heck id buy one to try and be a buinea pig :bigsmile:

Haha, no. You really expect that to happen???