DVD+RW DL - Best burner?

Hi group,

I seek your considered and learned advice on this issue:

As a movie editor and DVD lay-out’er I need a reliable recorder that can write DVD+RW DL disks suitable for DVD mastering.

We recently bought a couple of Targa computers (a brand I will happily recommend to enemies and competitors) and have tried to burn DLs on them without much success.

We have tried different software, e.g. Ulead Workshop 2, Adobe Encore DVD, Nero, ImgBurn and CloneDVD2.

We have tried four different drives of the type Targa supplies, namely Toshiba-Samsung SD-R5372, fw TU15.

We have tried a range of media from the most expensive to the cheapest but have not been able to attain any kind of reliable production, in fact over a period of several months we have only successfully managed to produce a couple of DL DVDs. Single-layer and CDs work fine. In other words, we have invested thousands of pounds with no result to show for it at all.

We’re quite happy to give up on the Toshiba drives, the computers or whatever else it takes - we just need results. Which is the best course of action? A friend recommended using LG GSA-4166B drives. Is this an opinion seconded by the group?


None can yet, and none yet released will have this feature added.

What kind of problems do you have?

Since Toshiba stopped producing ODDs last December you have to give up sooner or later. :wink:

Hi Chef,

>None can yet, and none yet released will have this feature added.

Could you please expand this cryptic reply? E.g. by resolving the undefined references ‘None’ and ‘this feature’ :slight_smile:


[B]DVD±RW DL[/B] media and drives is not released yet.

Or did you maybe mean DVD+R [B]AND[/B] DL?!??


Typo - my fault - the title should read DVD+R DL, not DVD+RW DL. I understand the confusion.

Can you change the title of a thread?


Me not, please ask an moderator to do this.

I would recommend Pioneer, Nec and also some Benq/Plextor drives as best DL burners.
You could have a look at videohelp.com/dvdmedia - search for DVD+R DL VERBATIM results.

So, would NEC 3520A be among the drives you would recommend? It seems to be able to burn a very wide range of media.

Those I’ve mentioned can do this too, easily.
Pioneer 111
NEC 4570/4571
Benq 1650
Plextor 755/760

Thanks for your advice Chef,

I’ve ordered a couple of the NEC 4570 drives to play with - should arrive tomorrow :-).


Oops. Currently not the best NEC out there. I’m quite disappointed with mine as the firmware is quite immature at the moment.

Uhm, that sounds not that good.

I was under the impression that the 457x are reliable drives…


In which way do you find the firmware immature? How does this manifest itself?


There is only the original firmware available & some of the burns produced by it are quite poor. This is true for some of the best media available like Taiyo Yuden T02 (8X +R).

There is a thread dedicated to this drive with scans & comments. The scans probably don’t show right now unfortunately as a result of the move to a new server (I think).