DVD-RW DL and 755/760

Anyone knows if the new JVC dual layer rewritable discs work on PX 755 and 760? I should know this before trying to get some of this quite exotic media g :eek:

Here is a link to the media, only japanese though it prooves that this media exists.


Nice find but i don’t think the firmware is ready for it.

I’ve neither seen any drive advertized with -RW DL support nor any recent media list with a -RW DL ADIP entry.

Yeah. But if the discs don’t work in any drive they are quite useless. Maybe new firmwares will come out soon, at least for some drives. :cool:

Usually firmware-support for newly arriving media is out well before their availability on the market. JVC says these will begin shipping in late August so drive manufacturers would have to hurry. I guess it will take some time. The link “compatible drives list” on that page is not yet set and labelled “in preparation”. I read that as “zero drive suport” right now.

Anyway. Is anyone really interested in RW-DL? Even at 2x speed only?

I might be interested, for testing some xbox 360 backups, sometimes there are games that don’t deserv a DL.
Edit- now i saw… its dvd-DL Rw, not +DL, so… i dont need them.

Often I have to get around with quite big files. And if I can put them on a DVD I dont have to plug around my USB disk all the time. To take the files from home to work and back its fast enough. Just have to start the burning process early enough g