Dvd+rw disc unrecognizable, software fix?

i have a lite-on 411s@811s and a ricoh 4x DVD+RW that came with the burner, while i was erasing the disk my computer frozen in the middle and it got rebooted. Now the disk can not be detected by the burner so i can’t format that disk. Is there any software that can force erase the disk, or is it a coaster now?

i’ve tried nero, alcohol 120%, clone dvd, and burnatonce, but not even windows knows there is a disk in the drive…

I have had the exact same problem except my disc is a dvd-rw. The erasing got interrupted and now the disc isnt recognized as being able to be erased and it also can’t be written to.
If anyone knows of software, please let us know.


I once had this problem using a CDRW maybe this will also work for a DVDRW. I used Alcohol www.alcohol-soft.com for erasing the disc ,checked ignore illegal TOC and it worked well. Maybe give it a try :).