DVD-RW detected as DVD-RAM under windows


I have a slight problem with my Lite-on SHM-165P6S. It used to work fine before i formatted my computer. Before it was detected as a dvdrw drive under windows explorer and now its listed as a dvdram drive. It no longer detects any media i put into it.

I’ve checked for drivers and firmware and both are updated.

Any help is appreciated. Thank You!

I would recommend removing the drive and uninstalling the software associated to it. Start your computer without the drive attached, and then shut down and install it again, with full software installation and everything.

Hopefully this helps.

~ Lacuna :love:

try uninstalling the IDE drivers and restarting your PC

device manager>IDE ATA/ATAPI controlers>secondary IDE channel right click > uninstall then restart your PC


it is okay, that the drive is recognised as DVD-RAM drive, as it is indeed capable of handling DVD-RAM. I would be worried, if Windows Explorer would show anything else (with no disc in the drive).


I’ll try reinstalling my IDE. Thanks for the tip.

As for it being fine as a DVD-Ram drive, It wasn’t like that before i reformatted my computer, and it no longer detects any sort of media i put in it at all. Being that the name changed from DVD-RW to DVD-RAM. I figured that was the main problem of my drive no longer detecting any sort of media.

Thanks for all the help.

I hardly doubt that is the root of the problems here.
Uninstall SP2 as a start, if it is installed.