DVD+RW dead after about 20 writes?

Using RICOHJPN W11 (001) branded Imation DVD+RW 4x.
No problems until now, after about 20 writes it’s just gone bad.
Formatting quick/full in diffrent drives works using Nero CD-DVD Speed and I can create a data disc but I can not read it.
Is this a known one for a RICOHJPN W11, ie. about 20 writes?

20 burnings are really few to render definitely useless a rewritable, but a bad batch of media can happen :frowning:

Putting CDSpeed datadisc test aside, what happens if you burn a real disc in Nero? CDSpeed has some issues with RW media. Don’t use it for erasing either.

Not too unusual for any RW to die, regardless of brand. Ricoh is one of the best though.

Alas, same results for Nero Express. It’s a goner. Thx for your comments!

I’ve had a few Ricoh die too, sometimes after relatively few uses. I suspect small scratches or even a smudge may be involved. Another common cause is the use of packet writing like InCD.

As a last resort you can leave the disc in a sunnly place to erase the data from it (the old fashioned way, hehe).

Yeah, I’m writing this one off on scratches, it look’s a little worn out. The comment’s I found here using the search on Ricoh are simply to good for anything else at the moment.
:o Not sure about that sunny thingie, a joke or can you really get a better “reset” for RW media using “the old fashioned way”? :o

There is no science for RW media. As a whole it is less compatible and the claims on the number of re-writes on ANY of them is horribly exaggerated. I have a Princo disc that came as a freebee with my old burner and it only lasted about 10 re-writes. On the other hand I have used 2x Memorex (Ritek made) DVD-RW and 2x Fujifilm (MCC made) DVD-RW at least 20 times each and both are still going strong.

Well, leaving all spurious claims of ‘science’ aside, what does this tell you about Princo media?

Unfortunately, it doesn’t matter how technologically good a disc/dye/MID is; if there are scratches, then useability will decline.

Always make sure that you keep them free of scratches, otherwise the burn quality will decrease. I keep all my dvd+rw media in top condition. Ive got a daxon d42 here that has been re-written more times than i care to remember.

Until now I have some philips rewritten 58 times (I keep the count :wink: I’m curious to see how many times I can rewrite them)

LOL @ Geno :bigsmile:

I’ve some Prodisc CD-RWs here, at least two years old with a crapload of use, they’re still going strong. The mind boggles!


I wish that DVD can be reliable as CD :bigsmile:

You must be a lucky one with this worst media…

I bought a pack of 25 Ritek DVD+RW 4x media that actually was rebranded Ricoh, same as the original poster.

Three of them failed after 3 to 6 rewrites on a Liteon 1693. All the failed disks had the same symptoms, very low PIE errors (10-20) after the first write and then very high PIE errors (300-600) on subsequent writes. The other disks also had very low PIE after the first write but settled down to around 20-50 PIE errors on subsequent rewrites.

What was interesting was that the dye side on the failed disks no longer looked smooth but had a mottled or speckled sort of look like your car does after water drops have dried on a waxed surface. No scratches, just that strange watermarked appearance.

Lucky only in that I got it for free. @imkidd, yes I know that Princo media is junk (regaurdless of format). I was merely stating what someone could expect. None of these discs have scratches on them though as they have all been properly tucked away.

DVD+RW tends to die rather fast. DVD-RW has a much longer life, as does DVD-RAM.

I used two 15 pack spindles of Fuji branded RICOHJPN W11 (+RW) and not one lasted more than 10 burns.
Then on a lark I tried Imation branded PHILIPS041 (+RW) and they only lasted 3-4 burns. (One spectacular burn had over 600,000 PIF)

So just for fun I tried HP branded PHILIPS041 and after many burns not one has died yet. I use them almost every day and they never fail. I haven’t counted the usage per disc, but I’ve been rotating the same 5 discs over and over again for months.

Not quite sure what this all means… maybe it’s manufacturing or quality control?

I was quite happy with my pack of Verbatim 6x -RW, until one suddenly went bad today. I tried a full format with different drives, but even when this finally worked @4x in my BenQ 1620, I could not write to it afterward.
When I checked the surface for damage, I first noticed a dark streak running from the center almost to the edge… then when I looked at the print side, I saw that the whole disc is practically split in two!
No idea what caused this, the disc has not been subjected to any strain, except for normal burning and playing in standalones.

Try a full format with DVDInfo.