DVD+RW copy to DVD+R question - Newbie!

If I set a play list on the DVD+RW and copy it to the DVD+R, does it copy in the play list string or does it copy it according to the original list? I am doing Athletic DVDs for college for my daughter and I have them pretty well done.

Also can I copy the DVD+Rs to a DVD+RW and make the changes to the original list making it a play list? Then copy it over to another DVD+R. Hope this makes sense!!! :wink:

One thing to remember once you write to a R media its permanent but to a RW you can erase and format many times. Usually copying from RW to R will transfer just from one media to another but that will greatly depend on the program you are using for making the transfer. How are you copying from the RW to R media? If you need to make changes its best to have copy the media to your hard drive and do the changes to the playlist or if you have to make a new playlist with your changes. But as I mentioned it depends on the program your using to make your playlist and how it does the transer. Also its best to if you can create all your video or program on your HD then transfer to the media. But your did ask alot of question in a short time but please try to be specific as you can as that will reduce the confusion as to what other forum users will ask or give advice on.

If your “play list” refers just to video files you can use a authoring software to build the menus that will allow you to choose what you want to play, even with no fixed order, or if you want the files to show according to a particular order without a menu you can find a workaround and rename the files - startting with number upfront the present names - ex. a.avi becomes 001_a.avi, b.avi becomes 002_b.avi, if your list is supposed to be a,b.