DVD+RW Conversion

Is there any program besides TMPGEnc Xpress that can convert the VOB files in a DVD+RW disk to a format i can work with (MPG,AVI whatever…) ?

VOB files are basically just MPEG2 encodings with some navigation data thrown in. If you rip them and change the filename extension to ‘.mpg’ then you should be able to import them into an MPEG2 editing program.

If by “.avi” you mean ‘MPEG4’ then you’ll have to convert them, but once in that format they’re more difficult to work with.

The VOB files in +RW are different than the ones in -R i dealt with.With the -R VOB files, i was able to convert them straight to DIVX, but it doesnt let me do that with the +RW.

Nope, this is wrong.
They have the same structures etc. but -VR and +VR are different things, that are disc formats used with standalone recorders in the video world.
Without appropriate drivers installed you cannot use them.

For an explanation about VR (- and +) have a look here:


Inside a DVD+VR created by a home recorder you should have VRO file not VOB as in a normal DVD.
According to the link, there are difs if you consider DVD-VR or DVD+VR.
Besides you can rename and work with them as Mpeg2, the best way would be to “import” the files to a video editor software that will turn them to standard Mpeg2 and edit as such.

try DVD Santa or http://www.inboxdollars.com/?r=tconn

DVD Decrypter is giving me “Pack Header Not Found” Errors on this disc, which might explain why i’m having trouble converting? What is this error?


The header received has a different structure than the one expected.