DVD-RW content cannot be read in XP

I have an odd problem, I’m sure its driver/dll related. I have an external USB enclosure (box) in which I house a LG 4082b DVD writer. It is recognised in both OS of my dual boot machine (Win98se and XP). I can write to it under both OS, however, only under Win98se can I see the content. In XP it always says that there is no data.

Has anyone come across this themselves? and tell me what workaround they use.

The dvd writer have had its firmware upgraded from A201 to A206. USB box is 2.0 and Mobo is 1.0 or 1.1 (its an K7S5A rev 7 circa 2001).

By the way anyone had the problem with this writer and princo’s DVD-RW disks. It did not even recognised that the disc was in the burner.