DVD+RW Coasters with ND-3500AG

Hi, I’m new to the forum, however, I have used the existing threads for information previous to joining. Alas, I cannot find a solution to my problem, so here it is.

I use a ND-3500AG with 2.18 official firmware & Norton Ghost 2003 to back-up my system every month. At the moment, I burn an image onto Fugifilm DVD+RW media. The 1st burns onto the DVD+RW are successful. This is confirmed by Ghost’s Image Integrity check.

The problem is this, when I do a full erase of the disks, everything seems OK as then the system recognises that the disks are now blank, however, when I use the disks to back-up again and run the integrity check, it fails at about 75% of the process because it no longer can read the disks.

Iso-Buster confirms this as well saying that it cannot read sectors.

At first, there seems to be no physical damage to the disks, until a closer inspection reveals that there is a thin circle halfway between the centre and the edge of the media. It looks similar to the gap between tracks on an old LP record.

This is only materialises after the disks are erased for the 1st time. I have used CDX Burner Pro 3 & Clean 4! to erase the disks with the same results.

It seems odd that this line is not there when examining the disk straight out of the pakaging (as I said at the begining, 1st burns are OK).

At the moment, I only have this trouble with DVD+RW disks. CD-RW do not have this problem.

I have other media I could try, but do not want to make expensive coasters.

Has anyone come across this problem?

Please help



Several potential issues here. 1st, it would help if you post the MID code from the RW media.

RW media is very unreliable, should not be used for most “backup” purposes. Burning with Ghost is also very unreliable. It’s far better to write the image to HD, keep it stored there and also make a copy on DVDR (not RW) rather than writing directly with Ghost.

The 2500 has some issues with RW media, suggest trying a different type. Burn it only at 2.4x.


The No’s on the disks are DO516A50115W, V3B00573DE401, S11120101104.

Manufactured by Fugi Magnetics Germany.

The thing is when you burn for the very 1st time on these disks, it is fine. It is only when you erase them and try to re-use the media by burning any material (not just as a Ghost back up) ie, music, files etc, the problems start.

I have an original un-erased back-up that works fine ( I know this because I have tested it by restoring the system from the image ).

I personally avoid ALL SYMANTEC products. My favorite imaging program is Bootit NG.

I have just found the MID for the Fujis. It is RICOHJPNW11

Good media. Have a few of them here. Great burns with my NEC 3500A fw 2.18. Try another brand new DVD+RW. Use DVDinfo to quickly erase the media. No need for full format.

Hi chaps.

Things have moved on somewhat since the last thread. It seems that all 5 Fuji disks had a fault on them. Only after you burn does it become visable as a very thin partition halfway between the centre and edge. Obviously a dead area.

The last Fuji DVD+RW I burned was readable, however I had a hunch that this was not a reliable burn, so I did a 2nd integrity check and sure enough, ISO Buster came up with error message "Unable to extract data from sector … " - another coaster (5 in all!).

To confirm that the disks where faulty, I opened a fresh DVD+RW from Imation (4x), backed-up an image using Ghost, checked the image integrity - OK, fast erased the disk using Clean! 4, backed-up another image, cheked image integrity - OK, re-checked with Iso-Buster - OK (This has now become my system back-up!)

Thanks for all your help guys. I think I will give Fujifilm miss the next time.

Can you contact Fuji for a replacement? Most of Fuji’s media carry a lifetime warranty.

I have contacted Fuji by email and await their reply.


I have similar experiences with RICOHJPNW11. They are SKS Elise branded and show the same behaviour: first write seems ok, after any kind of erase (quick/full) the disc becomes unreliable. Sometimes the erase operation errors out, sometimes it succeeds, but the disc is not empty afterwards, sometimes the disc is empty but errors during the next write.

I know RICOHJPNW11 to be good media, I have some Philips branded that are really flawless. However, it seems there are several grades of this disc, and possibly some are not so good.

Squirrel, my Ritek RicohJpnw11’s are great after even a quick erase. All seem to be 95-97 no matter if they are new or erased. This was the 100 pack I got from Newegg a while ago.

As I said, my Philips branded RICOHJPNW11 are great. It just occurs to me that there are several quality grades.

The Sony RicohJpn W11s sold at Target (blue box) are also of good quality with a lifetime warranty. 2 pack for about $5.50.

I have just found out from this site:


That the Imation MID code is exactly the same as the Fujis that got trashed.

It is quiet a good site because it also shows user ratings for different media.

Same problem here with 2 Datasafe DVD+RW’s, MID: RICOHJPNW11.

Burn them once and erase them and a circle appears about 5mm out from the start of the burn area which causes the burn to fail at this point.

No Target nearby? Give the Sony at Target a try. Target will give you a full refund if they don’t perform as advertised.