DVD-RW choices-->opinions please!

I am on the verge of buying a DVD-RW that will do +/- formats and R/RW CDs too.

I am thinking about the following ones and any comments or problems that you have had with these would be very much appriciated.

  1. Lite-On LDW-411S DVD R/RW
  3. Pioneer DVR-106 DVD R/RW
  4. NEC 1300A DVD R/W

Cheers in advance people!


Well in my opinion I would get the lite on 411’s. I do have the 401s and a tdk 4040n. The tdk 4040n is + - that is really good also . 401s is just a + writing so I am sure it is just as good as 411. I would stay away from nec 1300a since it is so picky what media it will use and other problems i have seen with it. Pioneer my friend has and have more problems with it then I will care to mention. As far as the MSI one i cant comment dont know anything about that model. Oh I am sure with lite on like the one right before it 401s I am sure it probably can cut threw safedisc protections also .

This is all my opinion though.


Thanks for that feedback. This the kind of thing I need to hear as I am totally blind at the moment. Only problems I seem to be able to find are driver problems (and a few firmwear upgrade probs).

Any others care to comment?

I got the Pioneer DVR-106D a week ago. IMO, it is an excellent drive. I flashed to the latest region free firmware, went to Supermediastore.com and bought 2 of their sample packs of -R (11 different discs), and have not had one coaster, even with the no-name stuff. I also tried some Fuji DVD+RW for data backup too.

The drive is super quiet, and will burn a movie in under 20 minutes with 4x. I been using DVDXcopy Platinum.

The Pioneer is probably the best selling DVD burner out there ATM, there has to be a reason for that.

You may want to get the Lite-On LDW-811S, it is now available. I believe it won’t record at 8X without 8X media, but it should not be long before it becomes available.