DVD-RW: CD's work, DVD's don't?

I’ve recently been having problems with my year old Lite-on SOHW-812S DVD-RW…it is unable to play any of my DVDs and cannot burn onto rewritable DVDs, yet it can transfer data onto a CD-RW without a problem.

This is a relatively new problem, I haven’t altered the hardware configuration from when things were working normally, I have the latest firmware and the drivers are generic Win XP ones. The DVDs I use are in excellent condition (ie. no scratches, fingerprints, etc) and I’ve tried cleaning the drive with a DVD lens cleaner disk.

I believe there are two lasers within the drive, one for CDs and one for DVDs…is this correct? Are there any diagnostic tools out there that I can use to determine if the laser is “broken”? The DVDs play normally in a standalone player as well, leading me to believe there is something wrong with the drive rather than software.

I have the almost same problem, but in my case i’m able to burn dvd-s but not a cd-s?
My drive is 851S@832S with latest firmware CG5G!Yesterday i have burned 2 cd-s and Nero6 have done a job wery well, but, cd-s are not playable???Something is wreally wrong here!

DW-D22A was the same it did dvds fine but did not even read cdrs at all never mind right to them

no idea what it was or how to sort it sorry :frowning:

as ever sc00terx

Same problem here on my 451S@832S. Can’t burn or read DVDs, reads and writes CDs just fine. Any suggestions would be really useful…

Maybe the people with 832s should flash to the sony sy58.

It suppose to have better capibility

i meany cy58 not sy58

Where i can get this flash from?

Is there anyway to check if it’s the laser? I’ve had the CG5G firmware on mine for a while now and it worked great but about a week ago the problem of burning and reading DVD+R has occured. It burns and reads CD-Rs just fine.

So I flashed the drive to cy58 and still the same problem. Is there a way to “recalibrate” the DVD laser or am I pretty much looking at a nice paper weight?

Thanks in advance.