DVD + RW capacities

hi everyone, :slight_smile: , first post, so here goes-I’m baffled over the capacities of these discs (DVD+RW) In the literature everywhere, they say they’ll hold up to two hours of Digital Video, however, I have been lucky to get just 45-50 minutes to fit on a disc. What am I doing wrong? Thanks a bunch, In Advance, for any help anyone can give on this matter.:bow:

Well, what’s the actually size of your 45-50 minute video file? The actual capacity of a 4.7GB standard DVD blank is 4.38GB. The reason why you can’t fit your 45-50 minute on the DVD is because the bitrate (which determines quality of video) you’ve used to compress the video is too high. Re-encode the source file in lower bitrate to <4.38GB.