Dvd Rw Cant Erase

i cant erase an dvd rw

heres an screenshot


One bad thing about RW media is that after so many re-wites/formating of the disc they become un-readable and the issue you are having, also even if you don’t re-wite to them that many times the dye that is used degrades over a short amount of time, the only thing I use RW media is for testing only.

[QUOTE=000Aus;2073205]i cant erase an dvd rw

Hi 000Aus,
did you try to erase the disc in DVDINFOPro or Nero CD-DVD Speed? What is the brand of the medium?

We need more info. Are you getting an error message, such as something like “this medium isn’t rewritable”?

Also, try ImgBurn. That often works where Nero fails.

Just a guess, but with all those games on your desktop, I’ll bet you have Alcohol or Daemon Tools installed?

I’VE JUST Found that the dvd is dvd r damn

Hi,I have a prolbem .It maybe because I had my computer worked on but I can not get this new program to work.Before it worked fine with 4 but now I really am confused as to why it does not work.First it does not show in the source box that its scanning,then it scans it goes through all the reading and when i go to write it ,it does not play on my player. don’t know if its the program or my computer is not programed right. I tried device mgr. settings,properties, everything,nothing seems to work.I am ready to quit.