DVD-RW Buying Recommendations

Hi, I’m totally new to DVD burning, and have no idea which DVD burners are good ones, can someone help me out???

What I need it for:

1)Backing up Data, DVD movies, and putting together DVDs from movies that I have on my HD.

2)Backups for PS2 games, PC games(like Hitman Contracts, which my current CD-RW can’t burn)

I don’t have too much money to spend, and here are some burners in my price range:

BenQ DW822A 8x DVD+/-RW
LG GSA-4082B
Liteon SOHW-812S
Pioneer DVR-107
ASUS DRW-0804P (a little more than I have to spend though)

can someone please help me out? I’ve read a bunch of reviews from CDRLabs and CDfreaks, but I want to know some user experiences.

Also I live in Canada, and newegg doesn’t ship internationally. please let me know ofany sites that do.


anyone?!??! :confused:

hi i buy Pioneer DVR - 107D and works very good but the money are little hight, Lite-on is so good writre too and it’s cheap

Your second requirement- good CD burning- should make you lean toward the Lite-On. Lite-On was a major player in the CD writer market- giving them tons of experience- and the 812 is a good 2 sheep burner (I have used the 812’s predecessor, the 851 to backup safedisc 2.9+ and securom 4.8+) It’s also a great DVD burner if you use good quality media.

Go to www.tigerdirect.com and look under their cd/cd-rw/dvd menu fish around and you can find some good dvd burners for failry cheap such as http://www.tigerdirect.com/applications/SearchTools/item-details.asp?EdpNo=676072&Sku=I800-3002&CatId=89 although not the fastest, it will get the job done for cheap. They even have dual layer / dual format burners for very reasonable prices…ohhh, and they ship internationally. Just check 'em out