DVD-RW Burns DVD's/Cd's But Not Data Cd's?

Hi guys,

alrite…I have a weird problem which im struggling with on a friends pc…
Drive hasn’t had any problems so far, and it burns DVD’s and Cd’s fine normally, but lately it hasn’t been burning Data cd’s?

She normally uses Nero…I checked what options I could to make sure its not Just nero, tried burning a Data Cd full of mp3’s with Blaze Media Pro also to no avail.

Basically Data Cd’s when burnt with Nero or other software seem to be coming out blank, but it burns successfully without errors. Using the Nero v incase somebody wants to know.

Also another thing, it doesn’t show the Amount of Space left on the disc when adding tracks when burning a Data Cd? Did that with Blaze Media Pro also 2.

I checked Device Manager and the DMA settings just incase, that seems fine, ran the ASPI Check program also, drivers seem fine…

Is it possible for the drive to be physically bad whilst still being able to burn other cd’s or is it just an issue with the software?

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Its such a small problem but driving me crazy.

Thanks in advance!

. The first thing I’d do is investigate hardware/software changes made since it worked right. Rollback to a point where it worked and make changes one-at-a-time.
. I’ve read where something about not closing the disc (session?) can cause similar problems. Try Searching for:
clos* +disc
clos* +session
. I can’t rule out a bad drive, but that would be low on my list at this point.
. Could be that drive and the particular discs you are using don’t play well together.

Thanks for that, its not the cd’s, i checked that up with my friend but they’ve tried multiple brands.

They’re not exactly sure from what point it stopped working, so that makes it awkward.

Just to make a correction the Space bar in Nero at the bottom does seem to work, sorry my mistake!

Any more help? Any specific settings I could look into?

Can anybody help?

Alcohol or Daemon Tools, or InCD etc installed?

If so, uninstall them. :slight_smile: